Detection of Faecal Coliforms in Biofilms of Water Tankers in Odongunyan, Ikorodu - A Peri-Urban Lagos Settlement

  • O. N. Olaleye
Keywords: Biofilms, coliforms, sanitation, Escherichia coli


Unavailability of public piped water in Odongunyan- a peri-urban community in Ikorodu Local Government of Lagos State, South West Nigeria compelled the people to seek water from other sources. Water transportation with the aid of commercial tankers is one of the means used to convey water from source to other areas of need within the community without adequate concern to its public health implications. This study investigated the presence of Escherichia coli- an indicator of faecal contamination in the biofilms of thirty water tankers in the community. Of the thirty tankers investigated for E. coli using the membrane filtration technique, all the tankers showed the presence of E. coli in their biofilms. The E. coli counts ranged between 1.3  x 104 cfu/cm2 and 4.2 x 104 cfu/cm2. The total plate counts ranged between 5.1 x 104 cfu/cm2 and 9.8 x 104 cfu/cm2 and the pH of the water collected in all the tankers also ranged between 6.54 -7.03. The results showed that the water tankers biofilms are loaded with faecal contaminants and there is need for sanitation legislation at local levels to ensure regular disinfection compliance by commercial water hawkers.