Distribution and Effect of some Heavy Metals in Selected Organs and Tissues of Albino Rats Exposed to Vehicular Exhaust Fumes

  • O. A. Ajayi
  • A. B. Idowu
  • C. O. Eromosele
  • G. A. Dedeke
  • K. O. Ademolu
Keywords: Albino rat, vehicular exhaust fumes, heavy metals


Vehicular exhaust fume has been greatly implicated as one of the major environmental pollutants all over the world, especially in developing nations. A study was carried out to investigate heavy metals distribution and effect on the soft tissues of Albino rats placed in close proximity to busy roads in Abeokuta. A total of 45 rats were randomly allotted to 3 groups of fifteen rats each. Two groups were placed in close proximity to busy roads while the third group (Control) was kept in Forestry Nursery of the University of Agriculture, Abeokuta Ogun State for 8 weeks respectively. The various organs were removed, digested by standard procedures and analyzed for heavy metals (Fe, Cr, Mn, Zn, Pd and Co) with Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry. The result show a significantly higher concentration of heavy metals (Fe, Mn, Zn, Pd and Co) (p<0.05) in the lung, heart and liver tissues of the rats at busy roads compared to control. Histopathological examination of internal organs (heart, lung, kidney and liver) of rats at busy roads revealed histopathological damage as compared to the control. The results above indicated that vehicular exhaust fumes may have adverse physiological effects on the rats and hence humans living in close proximity to busy roads will be predisposed to automobile pollution.