Spatial Variation of Acid Rain and its Ecological Effect in Nigeria

  • S. I. Efe
Keywords: Acid rain, gas flares, environment, degradation, Nigeria


The study is aimed at examining the spatial variation of acid rain and its ecological consequences in Nigeria. The study covers Nigeria. A total of two hundred and twenty eight rainwater samples were collected; an average of nineteen samples per month. The water samples were analysed in the laboratory and multiple regression analysis used to ascertain the level of variation and relationship with distance from the source of gas flare. Results of the Hydro chemical analysis revealed moderately low pH values of <4.99 for rainwater sources in Nigeria. The pH values however decrease from the north to the south. Also the pH value of rain water samples correlated significantly (r = 0.97) with latitudinal variation and is ascribed to the influence of gas flaring and other anthropogenic activities carried out in the Nigeria environment. There is the intrusion of acid rain into other sources of water, which led to mild acidity of these water sources in Nigeria. The need to extinguished gas flaring is recommended and Nigeria should embrace environmental laws and policies in order to adapt to the changing environment.