A Conceptual Design of Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment System

Keywords: aggregators, bill payment, bill presentment, consolidator, credit card, electronic commerce, payer


The emergence of the internet has deeply affected the way in which the business is conducted. It has simplified transactions between entities by connecting them "virtually" it has enabled people to transact business online (i.e. order goods and services) as well as pay for them. The consumers used their credit card to pay online. Though the existing credit card-based electronic payment systems are simple in comparison to the digital cash and electronic checks, they suffer from a variety of drawbacks. Using such an electronic payment systems, may not be suitable for the developing countries due to the complexity and excessive cost associated with it; which may make it unpopular. This paper presents a framework for electronic bill presentment and payment for developing countries that enables the goods or service provider to present the invoice details electronically to the consumer who can access the information from any geographic location (having access to the internet) and authorize the payment.