Keywords: Profitability, dairy products, socio-economic, Small scale farmers, marketers, constraints


The study aimed at providing information on profitability of dairy product processing among small scale producers and marketers in Igabi Local Government Area, Kaduna State, Nigeria. Data were collected using well structured questionnaire with the aid of trained enumerators under the guidance of the researcher. Multistage random sampling technique was used in selecting 100 respondents (50 dairy producers and 50 dairy marketers). Descriptive statistics, Net Processing Income and Marketing Efficiency were used to analyse the data collected.? The study revealed that majority (32%) of the producers were adult farmers (51-60 years) who were married (86%). Majority? (66%) have no formal? education.? Household size ranged from 1-10 persons constituting the majority (58%) with 98% female producing an average of 5.9 litres of milk per household from mean of four? lactating cows per household. The study also revealed that the dairy marketers were middle aged farmers (31-40 years).? Forty ?? four percent were married (78%) and the majority (86%) have no western education with (88%) female. An average processor realized Net Income of N92.51 per litre, hence dairy products processing was profitable in the study area. An average marketer at rural and urban market had a marketing efficiency of 101.1% and 103.4% respectively which implied that the market was efficient. Problems identified by dairy product producers included grazing route (56%), diseases (50%), water sources (36%) and bush burning (30%) while the problems identified by the marketers of dairy products included high cost of transportation (46%), marketing outlet (38%) and poor consumer price (28%). It was recommended that Government should make extension workers available to the study area to change the orientation of the nomads such that they will be willing to imbibe improved production and processing techniques.



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