Journal Utilization By Postgraduate Students At The Libraries Of The Universities Of Agriculture In Nigeria

  • M. O. SALAAM
  • R. O. OPEKE
Keywords: Agricultural libraries, journals utilization, postgraduate students, university Libraries, Nigeria


This study examined the extent to which postgraduate students of the Universities of Agriculture libraries in Nigeria utilize journals in their libraries for research purposes. Survey research design was adopted. A total of 1,275 copies of a questionnaire were distributed among the postgraduate students of the three Universities of Agriculture in Nigeria of which there were 914 (71.69%) responses. The questionnaire sought for information on how often they use journals, constraints to the use of journals, the kinds of journals they preferred most (printed or electronic) and the currency and relevance of journals to their field of research. The result indicated that the greatest frequency usage of journals was three times a week with MOU recording highest usage (58.6%), while UNAAB and UAM had 40.8% and 40.9%, respectively. Universities of Agriculture libraries should make adequate provision for relevant and current electronic databases to make research activities easy for researchers. The Libraries should form Inter Library Loan (ILL) network for the exchange and sharing of their resources.