A comparative study of farmersí use of Extension guide/bulletin and radio as Media of agricultural information and technology transfer in Ogun State, Nigeria

Keywords: Extension guide, Radio, Media, Agricultural information, Farm broadcasts


The study compared farmers’ use of extension guide and radio as media of agricultural information and technology transfer in Ogun State.  A multistage random sampling technique was used to select 320 farmers from 32 villages in the four agricultural zones in Ogun State.  Data were collected with an interview guide.  Pearson Product Moment Correlation and Chi-square were used to test the study hypotheses.  Findings showed that 59% used radio while 7% used extension guide as media of agricultural information.  Farmers were constrained by illiteracy, lack of fund, feedback problem, lack of electricity, bad eye sight and language  barrier.  There is a significant relationship between farmers age, sex, marital status and their use of radio and between farmers’ sex, education and their use of extension guide.  It was recommended that farmers should be encouraged to listen to farm broadcasts, read and adopt the content of extension guide and that, farm broadcasts and publications should be planed in conjunction with the extension agents to address the felt needs of the farmers