Pseudomonas aeruginosa as an opportunistic pathogen has been a subject of investigation due its intrinsic drug resistance.?? Its frequent presence in drinking, domestic and recreational water highlights its significance to public health.?? This study was aimed at risk surveillance of multidrug resistant environmental P. aeruginosa in water and their plasmid relatedness with clinical strains in Abeokuta, southwestern Nigeria.?? A total of forty-one (41) strains with prevalence: well water (29.3%); swimming pool (22.0%) hospital storage tank (19.5%); tap water (14.6%); sachet water (12.2%); and bottled water (2.4%) respectively were isolated from two hundred and eighty eight (288) water samples and were compared with 43 clinical strains from wound (37.3%), blood (11.6%), ear swab (20.9%)? and urine (20.9%)? and eye swab (9.3%).???? Both environmental and clinical strains were all multidrug resistant, though with different plasmid profile.? Plasmid with molecular weight size of 2010bp was detected in only 1 (2.5%) out of the 41 environmental strains as against 9 (20.93%) of the 43 clinical strains having between 22520-23130bp molecular weight.? All strains harboring plasmid were resistant to varied types of more than seven drugs out of the eleven tested (gentamycin 10?g, erythromycin 15?g, ampicillin 10?g, augmentin 10?g, cotrimoxazole 25?g, tetracycline 30?g, streptomycin 10?g, ciprofloxacin 5?g, cloxacillin 5?g, amoxicillin 25?g, and cefuroxime 30?g). ?Strains without plasmid were also multidrug resistant.? This finding would be important in the control of multidrug resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection in Nigeria.


Pseudomonas aeruginosa; multidrug resistance; drinking water, recreational water; Plasmid profile

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