INHIBITION OF Fusarium oxysporum Pathogenic Fungus USING COMPOST EXTRACT FROM Chromolaena odorata (SIAM WEED) AND COW DUNG



The study was conducted to evaluate the efficacy of composts extract from cow dung and Chromolae-na odorata in controlling Fusarium oxysporum. Three compost samples were prepared in this study from Siam weed (Chromolaena odorata) and cow dung. Sample A was prepared from Cow dung and siam weed at ratio 100g: 100g, Sample B was prepared from 200g chopped siam weed and sample C contained 200g cow dung. These three samples were composted in plastic drums perforated for aera-tion and each sample were replicated three times. The content in the drums were regularly turned and monitored for 1, 10, 30 and 60 days. The microbiological analysis of the composts were determined using standard procedures. The inhibitory activities of the sterilised compost extracts on the F. ox-ysporum were determined using agar well diffusion method. The bacterial, coliform and fungal loads ranged from 1.50 – 9.0 × 107 cfu/ml, 0.3 – 6.0× 107 cfu/ml and 0.1 – 2.50 × 107 cfu/ml respectively. Inhibitory activities of the compost extracts on F. oxysporum at different days of composting increased with days of composting. The highest zone of inhibition was recorded by extract from compost pre-pared from C. odorata at 60 days of composting, closely followed by extract from compost prepared from mixture of cow dung and C. odorata at 60 days of composting. No antifungal activity was found in all extracts from the 24h-composts. Highest disease severity was recorded in extract of 24 h and on control. All extract at 60 days of fermentation were healthy The study therefore revealed the potentials of extracts from Chromolaena odorata and cow dung for the inhibition of Fusarium oxysporum of many crops.