• Daniel I O
  • Ajala M O
Keywords: Electronic database, maize performance data modelling.


Performance data of maize varieties at different locations need to be accurate and accessible to stimulate the improvement of the Nigerian maize seed system. This paper describes a database model to implement a simple computerized information system for maize varieties and their performance at various locations in Nigeria. Entity-Relationship modelling was used to identify relevant data and their relational structure from subsets of maize germplasm trial data with Microsoft AccessTM Relational Database Management System software. The model has the capacity to provide detailed variety performance information in relation to cropping environment with specific search queries when the relevant data is properly documented. Such facility will benefit seed producers who will determine seed materials that meet specific market and production challenges of farmers' with greater precision. Plant breeders can also use the information system for breeding plans and policy makers can use it as a Decision Support System (DSS).


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