Carcass characteristics and Sensory Evaluation of Meat from Rabbits fed Cashew-nut residue based diets

F A O Akinnusi, Akinnusi F. A., A M Bamgbose, Bamgbose A. M, O E Odunaro, Odunaro O. E., A A Alade, Alade A. A.


A study was conducted for a 42-day period to evaluate the carcass characteristics and sensory quality of meat from 18 weaner rabbits (mixed breeds) fed cashew nut residue (CNR) based diets. The three diets used contained: 0, 10 and 20% CNR as a partial replacement for maize. The CNR based diets significantly (P<0.05) decreased the shrunk body weight, empty body weight, hot carcass weight,gastrointestinal tract, rack, loin, shoulder and legs. The inclusion of CNR in the diets did not significantly (P>0.05) influence the appearance, taste, juiciness, chewness, texture, aroma and overall acceptability. It can be concluded that cashew nut residue could be incorporated up to 20% in rabbit diet without   deleterious effect on the meat quality.


Carcass characteristics, sensory quality, weaner rabbits.

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