Assessment of the Job Performance of Extension Staff in Akwa Ibom State of Nigeria

  • Ekumankama O. O.
  • Anyanwu C. A.
Keywords: Assessment, Job Performance, Extension Staff.


The study assessed the job performance of extension personnel as well as determined the relationships between selected personal characteristics and job performance variables of these extension workers in Akwa Ibom State Agricultural Development Programme (ADP). Data for the study were obtained from 90 respondents who were randomly selected.  Percentages, mean scores, and correlation statistic were used in data analysis. The findings of the study indicate that the level of job performance for each of the EAs, BEAs and BESs was rated slightly above average. Level of formal education of EAs was positively and significantly associated with regular and timely field visits to farmers. The need to design policies aimed at improving the level of formal education of EAs was indicated.



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