• A. A. Adekunle
  • A. R. Agbona
Keywords: Objectivity, devoid of prejudices, performance evaluation, productivity, biases.


The study examined the relationship between open reporting system of performance evaluation and teachers’ perceived productivity in Lagos State. The descriptive survey design was used for the study. The sample comprises of three hundred teachers randomly selected from five secondary schools in each of the six Education Districts of Lagos State. A modified Likert type questionnaire was prepared and used to collect data for the study. Pearson product moment correlation co-efficient was used for data analysis. The result of the analysis shows that there existed a significant relationship (P =0.05) between the open reporting system of performance appraisal, on the one hand, perceived teachers’ productivity and teachers’ potential for advancement on the other. Consequently, it was suggested among other things, that teachers performance appraisal system should be based on objectivity and be devoid of prejudices and biases.



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