Design And Construction Of Rectangular Fish Cages For The Culture Of Tilapia Species

Aquaculture and Fisheries Management, Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta, Ogun State
October, 2014
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A rectangular shaped fish cage was constructed, using PVC pipes as the frame, and two different synthetic netting materials of different mesh sizes was used with one as inner liner for the cage while the other served as the wall of the cage to protect fish from predators. The mesh size of the netting materials was big enough to allow for proper mixing of the water with atmospheric oxygen. PVC pipe Joints (elbow, T, Union and nipple) were used to connect the cages in a row, forming a group of cages moored together. The cages have walk ways on every sides of it to enable for easy movement on the cage for feeding and sampling of fish stock. This work shows explicitly the method involved in the design and construction of a fish cage which can be used by farmers to raise fish in lagoons, reservoir and lakes even at a lower cost.
The project site is the Federal University of Agriculture Reservoir located within the farm complex. Meanwhile, the physiochemical parameters and whether condition of the project site was equally put into consideration to make sure that the cage could survive the prevailing whether condition of the selected project site.