Smart Olubusayo Diyaolu
Aquaculture and Fisheries Management, Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta, Ogun State
October, 2014
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This study examined the effect of agama lizard (Agama agama) pituitary hormone for inducing Clarias gariepinus. Six matured Agama lizards were caught randomly and collected from the wild and a total of 13 Clarias gariepinus broodfish comprising of five mature males and eight mature females were used. Broodfish injected with 4 agama lizard pituitary extract stored in 40% ethanol for 24 hours prior to use proved effective in terms of ovulation while the potency of agama lizard pituitary extracts decreased with dosage. The treatment as compared with the control was observed to be relatively low in the ovulation and percentage hatchability of eggs which may be attributed the heteroplastic (different donor and recipient species) hormone used and temperature of the activating medium. It showed that the agama lizard pituitary extract is potent, viable and effective when stored for not more than 24 hours. Therefore, because of the result of this study it may be concluded that agama lizard (Agama agama) pituitary extract in high dosage is possible and successfully in inducing Clarias gariepinus but not economical for commercial purpose due to technical know-how except for experimental programs, thus synthetic hormone should be considered the best, and encouraged. Because of its relatively cheap cost, ease of handling and better survival of hatchlings from agama lizard pituitary, ovaprim is highly recommended for hatchery users.
Key words: Agama lizard (Agama agama), pituitary extract, storage period, Clarias gariepinus, induced spawning.