Computer Science, Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta
January, 2015
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This paper elaborates a secure electronic examination system with the architectural emphasis on
SQL prevention code technique. The use of OMR (Optical Mark Reader) had some major
drawbacks in the examination system in which there was a prevalent case of missing results,
cheating, etc. E-examination provides a quick but otherwise inconclusive way of testing the
knowledge of a student through the use of computers. The student must have been certified to be
eligible for the examination by the appropriate authorities. Some existing literatures were
reviewed as part of the research work as in the case of Biometrics and Threat Models. The
literature review was done extensively displaying their advantages and drawbacks. The proposed
Electronic examination system is designed in such a way that it has an easy to understand
interface. The design methodology highlights the algorithm used, architecture, proposed model,
flowchart and the database design considerations. The implementation aspect showcases the
screenshots of the examination model and the simulation of the SQL injection attack and its
prevention. It is recommended that optimum importance be placed on the prevention of SQL
injection so as to act against hacking by unscrupulous elements