Computer Science, Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta
March, 2015
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The security of data and information in any system can be used as a measure of determining the
effectiveness of the system. The confidentiality, integrity and authenticity of information
constitute the basic elements of security which is used as a standard of determining how secured
a particular system is. There is need for a secured system of exchanging confidential and
sensitive information. It has been widely observed that the concept of cloud computing is
become one of major theory in the world of IT industry. It involves storing the user's data to be
able to use the applications and services that the clouds introduce. There is a significant numbers
of risks can be occurred. One of these risks that can attack the pharmaceutical cloud is the
integrity of the data stored in the cloud. Data store is main future that cloud service provides to
the pharmaceutical companies to store huge amount of storage capacity. But still many
companies are not ready to implement cloud computing technology due to lack of proper security
control policy and weakness in protection which lead to many challenges in cloud computing.
This project helps to prevent Data access from unauthorized access, proposed a distributed
scheme to provide security of the data in the pharmaceutical cloud, proposed scheme that
perfectly stores the data and identifies the any tamper at the cloud server. It also performs some
of the tasks like data updating, deleting, appending and provides a process to avoid Collusion
attacks of server modification by unauthorized users. Cloud service provider and the cloud
service consumer should make sure that the pharmaceutical cloud is safe enough from all the
external threats so that the customer does not face any problem such as loss of data or data theft.
There is also a possibility where a malicious user can penetrate the cloud by impersonating a
legitimate user, thus infecting the entire cloud and affects many customers who are sharing the
infected cloud. Technologies for managing trust relationships in the pharmaceutical cloud can be
extended to work effectively in both private and public clouds. Those practices include strong
authentication and fraud detection.