• J. A. SOAGA
  • J. G. FATOKI



Bushmeat, hunters, profitability, ethno-medicine, sellers and income


This paper examines bushmeat trade in Abeokuta comprising of Abeokuta north and south LG areas of Ogun State. Forty-five (45) respondents were accidentally selected across the two local government areas. The respondents were involved in bushmeat trade at three different levels. There were hunters (31%), ethno-medicine sellers (49%) and bushmeat sellers (20%). The result of the study revealed that majority (69%) of the traders were female. Also, 87% of the respondents had poor education. Therefore respondents could not keep record of their transactions, but from qualitative and quantitative analysis of the profitability of the business, the trade may be described as profitable (89%). An estimate of average annual profit of the trade in the study area was N453,004.  Other benefit though insignificant is that of protein supplement of the family (8%) derived from the trade. Major constraint of the business is the seasonal fluctuation of supply (85%) which affects income of respondents. However, a total of  11 common species of wild animals were traded, therefore it is recommended that conservation policy in terms of educational programme that target hunters and sellers, in order to sensitize them on the danger of indiscriminate harvesting of the animals must be put in place along with improved domestication effort.



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