• S. O. OBASA
  • O. O. ALADE



African catfish, growth, Fish meal, fish waste, protein.


A feeding trial was conducted to investigate the effect of fish waste meal (FWM) on growth performance, nutrient utilization, hepatosomatic index and blood parameters of Clarias gariepinus. 150 fingerlings of C. gariepinus of average weight of 5.2±0.13g were stocked. Five (5) iso-nitrogenous diets containing 40% crude protein in which fish meal protein (67.70%) was replaced by fish waste meal protein (45.94%) at 0% (FWM0), 25% (FWM25), 50% (FWM50), 75% (FWM75) and 100% (FWM100) levels were formulated. The fingerlings were fed at 5% body weight per day for 56 days. Values for growth response and nutrient utilization parameters decreased (p<0.05) with increasing levels of FWM in diets from 50% FWM inclusion level. Feed conversion ratio showed no significant difference (p>0.05) between fish fed diets FWM0 (1.25), FWM25 (1.26) and FWM50 (1.30). Net protein utilization was highest in fish fed diet FWM0 (43.62%) but not different (p>0.05) from fish fed diets FWM25 (42.82%) and FWM50 (41.11%). Hepatosomatic index was highest significantly (p>0.05) in fish fed diet FWM100 (1.13%) and lowest in fish fed diet FWM50 (0.65%). The haematological profile was higher (P<0.05) in all parameters in fish fed diets FWM0 and FWM50. Pack cell volume (PCV) was 36.2% in fish fed diet FWM0. This was statistically similar only to 35.9% of fish fed diet FWM50. From the study, it is concluded that fish waste meal can replace as much as 50% of fish meal in the diet of African catfish, C. gariepinus.   




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