• A. A. IDOWU
  • O. J. OLAOYE
  • S. O. OBASA
  • W. O. ABDUL



Ethmalosa fimbriata, brackish water, marine, meristic


A study of Ethmalosa fimbriata (Bowdich) from Lagos lagoon (brackish water) and Lagos coast (marine environment) using meristic and morphometric characteristics was carried out. Length frequency distribution method was used to separate the sample fish to three age groups. One year old specimens from both the brackish water and marine environments were compared. The total lengths ranged from 9.9cm to 16.0cm. Variations were also studied for one year, two years and three year old specimens in the marine environments. Among the meristic and morphometric characters investigated dorsal rays, anal rays, left gill rakers and right gill rakers showed some differences that were statistically different among the three age groups.  It is therefore concluded that E. fimbriata strains from brackish water and marine environment are genetically inseparable, since environmental factors such as salinity have effect on the migratory habit of the fish.



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