• HENRY EJOTUBU OGBE Department of Political Science, College of Education, Agbor, Deltal State C/o Kingsly Marford P.O BOX 1344.
Keywords: Political Party, Primary election, candidates Imposition, Democracy, National Security


Democracy operates principle of majority which requires equal political opportunities and liberties to aspirants to contest under political parties in recent times. Therefore political party has made formation of (representative) democracy easier and possible via the instrumentality of elections. Nigerian democracy is threatened by candidates imposition by some powerful party leaders due to lack of political parties internal democracy . The study adopted liberal theory of representation as its theoretical framework. With the aid of observational and secondary methods of inquiry, the study revealed that the practice of candidate imposition within political parties and sometimes in general elections by some powerful political parties leaders is affront to democracy as it disintegrates political parties, breaches human right of  political parties members among others. The study also revealed that candidates imposition due to lack of political parties internal democracy  practice threaten Nigeria democracy as it produces incompetent leaders who could not articulate the yearnings and aspirations of Nigerians into achievable policies and programmes. Consequently, Nigerians are frustrated to the level that they are ignited easily and lure into violence which jeopardize national security. Creation of commission to regulates and monitors political parties primary elections and other activities, providing equal political opportunities to political parties members among others are recommended to strengthen political parties internal democracy in Nigeria.





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